Welcome to MrSmithChemistry.com!

This website will feature all the exciting science-related activities and experiments we do in class, with additional information for those keen to know more! That means videos and pictures from your lessons will be posted here via Youtube, so you can rewatch the experiments over and over again or use the videos to study for an upcoming test.

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  1. Hi I’m cameron and Mackenzie Hopes Mum Lynsey, anyway I’ve my last section of chemistry next 2 weeks and I’m really struggling to understand the last bit . Acid alkali and neutralisation 😬😭 cameron said that you would be able to explain it to me . I just don’t understand about where the salt is how the water is coming out . Help please exam next week !


    1. Hi Lynsey! So neutralisation is a chemical reaction where an acid and an alkali join together (react) to form water and a salt.

      Acids are made up of H+ ions and a negative ion. Let’s take hydrochloric acid for example, it has the formula HCl so it is made up of a H+ and a Cl- ion. All acids have H+ ions.

      Alkalis are made up of OH- ions and a positive metal ion. Let’s take sodium hydroxide for example, it has the formula NaCl so it is made up of an OH- ion and a Na+ ion. All alkalis have OH- ions.

      When an acid and alkali join together, the H+ from acid and OH- from alkali join to produce H2O (water) and that leaves you with a Cl- and a Na+ ion leftover. These ions join together to give you the salt (NaCl, sodium chloride). I hope this helps, good luck on your exam! Mark


      1. Thank u so much , that does add clarity to it for me now . I just was getting so confused by it all . Mack and Cam say hi .


      2. Mr Smith , lynsey cameron and Mackenzies Mum here ! Just wanted to let you know I passed all my chemistry and thank u so much for explaining the last section to me .


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