Screaming Jellybaby!

No Jellybabies were harmed in the making of this video.



Since demonstrating the screaming jellybaby on the first day of term, I get asked on a near daily basis to do it again. After watching the video, you can clearly see why!

The reaction itself is simple: heat up a white powder known as potassium chlorate (which contains potassium, chlorine and oxygen) until it is molten, and drop in an unlucky jellybaby. The rest is history.

The reaction demonstrates how much energy is stored in sugary sweets such as jellybabies and gummy bears, as we observed the colourful display of light and gas being produced. The molten potassium chlorate is rapidly oxidising (giving electrons to) the carbohydrate filled jellybaby which causes the spectacular reaction.

Further reading can be done on the Royal Society of Chemistry website.

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